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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Question bank: Internet and Web Technology

1. Discuss the various methods available for connecting to Internet?

2. What is the difference between Client server mode and peer to peer network?

3. What do you understand by Domain Name System? Discuss the architecture and functionality of DNS in detail.

4. How IP addressing is done? Discuss the various IP address classes in detail.

5. Discuss the TCP/IP model and its services in detail.

6. What o you understand by OSI reference model? Explain briefly advantages of layered approach?

7. What do you understand by web Server? Discuss its functionality in detail.

8. What is the difference between following?

a. Paired tag and Singular tag
b. Absolute URL and relative URL

9. Discuss the difference between Static and Dynamic IP
10. Discuss briefly following terms:
a. Internet Server
b. Internet Service Provider
c. Internet Access Provider
d. Gateway
e. UDP
f. TCP
g. Telnet
h. FTP
i. E-Mails
j. Ping
11. What is the W3C and what does it do?
12. What is HTML validation? Do you ever validate your HTML? Why?
13. What are the factors we need to keep in mind while designing website for the
14. Explain OSI in detail?
15. What is HTML?How is HTML interpreted?
16. What is the difference bet
17. Develop HTML code for the following :

a. How do I add midi music to my web page
b. How do I make a picture as a background on my web pages?
c. How do I make it so that someone can mail me by just clicking on text?
d. How do I add floating text to my page?
e. How to add multiple colour text to a webpage?
f. How to make a hyperlink on a picture
g. How can I make my link not have this ugly border?
h. How to align pictures on a webpage?
i. How to make a link to another webpage
j. How to create links to sections on the same page in HTML.
k. Opening new web page window when clicking on a link.
l. Creating a new window in HTML for a single image.
m. How do I create multicolor links in HTML?
n. How to create a fixed background image on a web page.
o. Creating a web page with a single background image not a tiled background. 8 Can a HTML document be one long line of tags and still be valid.
p. Can HTML tag-pairs be nested inside each other? Explain with example.
Demonstrate a link from one page to specific point in another page.

18. Provide short answers for following:

a. Can a page include more than one set of script tags?
b. What is the software required to create and edit JavaScript programs
c. How data is stored in a JavaScript?
d. How browsers recognize JavaScript code?
e. What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?
f. Can we use HTML tags with JavaScript?
g. How to insert comments in a JavaScript?
h. A script that executes when the user clicks the mouse button is called?
i. What is the purpose of enclosing a script with in html comments?
j. What you understand by local and global variables?

19. Which of the following is not a valid JavaScript variable name?
a. 2names
b. _first_and_last_names
c. firstandlast

20. What will be the result of the JavaScript expression 31 + “ angry polarbears”
21. Why we need to use Boolean variables?
22. Discuss data types in JavaScript?
23. Following statement is an example of which kind of error?
While (3==3)

24. What do you understand by an Object? Discuss properties ,values and methods of a Object with Date as an example
25. Can one of an Object’s properties be another object?
26. Math object have constant properties. Discuss them.
27. Discuss some objects that can not be used with the new keyword.
28. Generate a JavaScript to generate 5000 random numbers.
29. Which object can be used to load a new URL into the browser window?
30. What is the information stored in a navigator object?
31. Which Object’s properties contain URL of the current document?
32. Discuss the JavaScript’s browser object hierarchy in detail?
33. Use JavaScript for developing scrolling messages?
34. How to close browser window with a JavaScript?
35. How to adjust width and height of an Image in HTML?
36. How to differentiate between Local and Global variables in java Script.
37. Discuss basic data types available in JavaScript?
38. Discuss briefly advantages of using java script as Client scripting language?
39. Discuss the functions associated with a string object in JavaScript?
40. What does the statement if (fig==1) do in JavaScript?
41. What is the function of ‘+’ sign in case of JavaScript?
42. What is the difference between Local and Global variables in case of JavaScript? Do we need to explicitly declare every variable?
43. What is the use of NOSCRIPT tag?
44. Discuss the various kinds of loops available in JavaScript?
45. How condition checking performed in JavaScript explain with examples.
46. What is the difference between Alert box and Prompt box in JavaScript?
47. Discuss with examples functions explicitly provided by JavaScript for type conversions
48. How to generate Image Map in HTML? What is its use?
49. Demonstrate a succession of links that re-use the same additional window.
50. How will you develop a scrolling option in a frame? Also show the script for allowing the user to resize the frame.
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